My friend Andreas Schultz.

I came out of the supermarket at the mall outside Herzberg and struck up a conversation with this fellow who was interested in my bike and trailer and my trip.

I asked him to write in my book, He did, and invited me to visit his family at their home in Schönewalde, a village about 17 km to the north.

The hour and a half that it took me to reach Schonewalde included a half hour downpour, but I was almost dry again when I reached town. The rain had stopped and the sun was out.






      Here's YTong    





      Andreas posted an account of my visit in the Herzberg news-about-town website.                                                                                                               my translation    
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     maybe I should take some German lessons    




    June 26      

You want this explained, right?

Near Jüterbog, there is a centre for in-line skating, site of a recent world championship. The town is all skating. A couple of the roads crossing the highway have been specially paved with a smooth surface for racing. So LOOK OUT !


This goes into my 'Odd Roadsigns' album.












North of Luckenwalde I ran out of road. The friendly Route 101 turned into a motorway (Fahraden verboten), suddenly leaving me to find an alternate way to Berlin.

I thought "A ride through the woods might be nice" So I headed off through the pine woods ( I believe it was a communal woodlot. These are common in this part of the country). Nice for the first few km, but as I got further and further into the forest the road gradually turned to fine dry sand. Riding became impossible.      Soon pushing on foot became almost impossible...

After a few more sweatty kilometers, without ever seeing another person, I caught a glimpse of the highway far down one of the crossing paths. Half an hour later I was back on the <no bikes> pavement, committing an offence against the law. It's alright: just play dumb. Tell them I couldn't read the sign.








    To all my friends in Canada:           " Gute Fahrt"    
    Here. Look it up.    










Art Nouveau architecture on the southern outskirts of Berlin, evening of the 26th.

This was one of my longest days: 100km
















Morning of the 27th,
another destination:

Konditorei Rabien in Steglitz, a couple of km out of Berlin. A Konditorei is a high-end bakery, similar to what is called a 'patisserie' in France. Konditorei Rabien belongs to the family ( a cousin) of my son-in-law Roland.

I dropped in, gave my regards from Canada, and tried some of the wares.







    Berlin is ‘Museum City’ . Wikipedia says there are 153 of them.      Is that more than London, anybody?      

















The Hotel Central in Reinickendorf, in the northwest of the city where I stayed the night of the 27th: 45€ Not bad.


Did I tell you that I made a point of photographing every place that I stayed? This is because, at the end of my 2006 trip, there were three stops that I couldn't, for the life of me, recall. A bit unnerving.


So. Does anybody out there want to see ~45 German, Dutch and English hotels?   I could make a Hotels page.

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