bwilsondünkenindeutschland, 2008      
page 1, Odenwalde, Stuttgart, Ulm (May 29 — June 10)      

The rules say the trip must start at the top of the driveway,
1070 Mina Ave,


7:15, May 29, 2008







This isn't me.

It's Jonathon, from Taiwan.

I met him at the ferry dock at Swartz Bay.

He'd been trekking across North America for 8 months, 10,000 km.


Jonathon is a maniac with his camera.

At this point he'd taken over 20,000 pictures.

He rides with one hand on the bars, watching the road through his viewfinder.





Vélo and Ramorgue getting packed for the flight at YVR.

Ramorgue is packed in the bag on the trolley; Vélo is ready to dive into his bag.

Boy, are they excited!!








My feet, on the flight to Frankfurt.

The plane was only 1/3 full. So everybody got 3 seats.
What a treat!










Frankfurt is Germany's main banking & financial centre.

I didn't stay long...just crossed town from the airport and headed south.






    Tram in Frankfurt.
I hope you all share my tram enthusiasm.








I was riding through Darmstadt around noon on my first day, looking perhaps a bit lost, when I was hailed by a fellow veloist across the road.

This is Dr. Reinhard Malzi and his wife Heidrun, who invited me to their house for lunch and gave me maps and valuable advice about german bikeways (radwege)












June 3.           My first two days lead through the hilly, rural Odenwald region between Darmstadt and the Neckar River.    






The village of Bollstein
in the Odenwald.








    A rail viaduct near Schönen in the Odenwald, June 4







  On the River Neckar on day three. The Neckar flows north from Stuttgart  through Heidelburg and into the Rhine  








    Along the Neckar, heading south to Stuttgart.
Terraced vineyards line the steep banks for many kilometres.

Sure, it's only water, folks. But I sure saw a lot of it. Downpours like this about every second day.

I wore my sunglasses on only three of the forty-five days.







    Rowing on the Neckar. They were pretty well keeping up with me: 14kph  






















    A barge heading north towards the Rhine. These barges are completely self-contained, live-aboard homes. Cars go along for side trips when docked.  















    The hotsprings at Bad Cannstatt. 'Bad' means 'bath' or 'spa'. Bad Cannstatt is a northern suburb of Stuttgart.  






























































This isn't me. I had more important things to do!

This is the Schelztor in Esslingen, twelve km south of Stuttgart. "tor" means 'tower'; don't know what "schelz" means.






























June 8, first night of the Euro2008 football tournament. 

Croatia 1, Austria 0




























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