Guess this means I don't have to say       "Ich möste ein einselzimmer für ein nacht"      any more.  








  Juy 12    
The Estuary of the River Stour at Manningtree, about 15km inland from Harwich.

Like many of the estuary harbours on the east of England, this is a very tidal operation. The boats lie on the mud for most of the day. Arrivals and departures have to coincide with the high tide.










      Church of St. Mary the Virgin at East Bergholt. The church dates from the 1400's, middle-aged for England.
It looks like there have been additions and repairs every twenty years since then.

East Bergholt is the birthpalce of the 18th century painter John Constable.
Later that day I stopped for the night at Sudbury, birthplace of his contemporary, Thomas Gainsborough.

The Stour Valley is very picturesque...     inspiration for the rural landscapes that were the core of both artists' work.























Here's something I
wasn't expecting:

New England, England


...where's my
'Unuseual Placenames' folder.
Has anybody seen my folder?








































  Late evening on the River Cam as I walked back to my B&B. The field is called The Midsummer Commons. The building on the right is the Emmanuel College Boating Club.











    Morning of July 14, punting on the Cam.  





    St. John's College, under restoration  














































    Morning of the 15th, on the road south to Hertford  







A Roman road, now known as Route B1368

[ formerly B MCCCLXVIII ]




























On the A5, the long, long ride into the north of London. It runs straight as an arrow for 20km on the route of the Roman road known as Watling Street. It's also known as The Broadway and Edgeware Road. Confused? It ends near the very centre of London, at Park Lane in Hyde Park.

The empty lane you see here is reserved for busses ..... and cyclists (that means me)







  Traversing the North Ring Road    

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