The Blue Danube    

Vienna, June 27 to Oberzeln, Germany, July 1















Morning of June 27, on the sidwalk outside the Continental on Mariahilfer Strasse. Outside and below. The hotel was actually two storeys up, accessed in an old wrought-iron birdcage elevator. Bike and trailer were a tight squeeze, but the Continental didn't have a garage, and didn't have
1 sq metre presence at ground level.

Off to explore Vienna on a Saturday morning,
then find the river and head upstream.





Two sites I wanted to see in Vienna were the Spanish Riding School and the Karl Marx Hof.
I discovered that the riding school was out of the question; reservations are required and hey have to be made days in advance.
And the KMH... I didn't really know where it was. Thought it was way to the southwest of where I stayed, and my route was to the northest if I was to catch the Danube.
So I was riding along towards the river a couple of km beyond the Fernwarme and...






Karl Marx Hof











































Morning, June 28























































































I caught up to this barge and it was my friend for
about an hour (going 14kmph).

I exchanged waves and
shouts with the deck crew
along the way.

























It looks like I could have spent
the whole day ridng back
and forth on the RadFahren