Upon arrival at Dover I proceeded to the Priory Station and caught the train to London. I arrived at Victoria Station before noon, unpacked & reassembled Vélo & Ramorgue and pedalled off across London to meet up with my cousins Anna and Kambiz at Alice's house in Bethnal Green.

Anna Livingstone = 2nd cousin,
Kambiz Boomla = 2nd cousin by his marriage
Alice Boomla = 2nd cousin once removed (daughter of Anna & Kambiz)

    On the way, I got not quite 'lost', but puzzled & confused as to my whereabouts relative to Bethnal Green, so I asked a couple of passers-by.
They said they had no idea where it was, above ground, because they always travelled by tube. It's between Liverpool St and Mile End stations.

I think I did quite well, considering. I had a London tourist map which ended well before Bethnal Green because tourists don't go there... Anna came out to the steet corner and flagged me down.




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